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Alvin Fu

Alvin Fu, President

"Where words fail. Music speaks." - Hanz Christian Andersen


Since first opening our doors in 1995, we've guided families and individuals to find a better version of themselves through music. For 23 years our music school has helped students achieve better creativity, enhanced cognitive ability in the classroom, and improved hand/eye coordination, multi-tasking and aural abilities. 
With over 30 musical instructors available, we are flexible to accommodate your schedule and are adamant to find an instructor suitable to your personality and learning style.  Today, we are proud to have provided the best musical education for countless students in Toronto!

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从1995年开业以来,我们学校致力于帮助学生更好地去理解音乐。在过去的23年里,我们帮助学生去提高创造力, 手眼的合作能力,和智力的开发。我们的孩子们在各项音乐节,音乐比赛,和皇家音乐学院的考级考试中均取得了优异的成绩。

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